Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ravioli is healthy, right?

Today, I cooked ravioli. You'll notice that I actually completed one of my daily goals I set for myself yesterday; I cooked something healthy. Well, pretty healthy anyway. They were feta/ hazelnut/ butternut squash raviolis. That's got a vegetable in it. I also went on a walk, spent a few hours cleaning and decorating my house, did some work for my online classes, and posted the Codependants Anonymous' list of recovery behaviors on my bedroom door. I think I'm making progress =) Tomorrow, I'm going to try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, maybe get in a little more of a work out, and cross a few other things off my daily to-do list. I'm easing my way up to doing every one of those things every day. Wish me the best-- or join in! =)

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