Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, my new house.

The previous tenants had painted the kitchen a horrifying aqua-blue color. Furthermore, they hadn't taped the edges of the walls before painting, so there was paint on the wainscoting, trim, ceiling, floors, and counters. I did tape before applying primer and paint, so now my kitchen is a charming butter color... outlined in aqua-blue.

So today I bought some mineral spirits to remove the paint stains. I had just dumped half a gallon of mineral spirits on the floor, when the doorbell rang. It was the plumber, come to fix my hot water heater. The first thing he did was turn off my water. So, of course, I had no way to scrub the mineral spirits and paint off my floor. Also, mineral spirits are extremely flammable. This meant my kitchen was extremely flammable. And also without water supply.

I sat in my living room in the fetal position for about half an hour, convinced my whole kitchen was going to go up in flame. Well, the good news is my kitchen is still unburnt and my hot water is fixed. the bad news is, the mineral spirits didn't get the paint off.


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