Monday, June 7, 2010

I want.

In my last post, I listed the things I want in life: Money. Beauty. Influence. Love.

I am going to stop talking about these things, and start doing.

Actually, I'm gonna keep talking, but I'm going to work towards achieving these, too.

Every day, I will:


~Update my blog (and hope for the best where Adsense is concerned)
~Make a Mylot post
~Search Swagbucks
~Apply for a job (until I get one)

~Apply Mederma and Nivea serum (morning and night)
~Go on a walk
~Do situps, squats, and Kegals
~Cook something healthy
~Get in my 6 fruits and veggies
~8 glasses of water

~Spend half an hour editing my Great American Novel
~Send a query letter
~Do my online classes (education = power)
~Spend half an hour working on languages

Love. You cannot have love if you don't love yourslef; ie. unless you are healthy.
~Spend thirty minutes cleaning (okay, so this might be to make the people I live with like me more)
~Post an anonymous compliment in someone's Honesty Box on Facebook (karma? or just a more positive additude?)
~Work on the Codependants Anonymous' list of healthy behaviors.

I will do these things, every day. You: hold me accountable. Or join me. :)

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