Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi =)

So, I've been working on moving into my new house, working out, learning Russian, and trying to come up with the cash to pay for college this fall! I'm going to owe about $2000 in tuition and books... $600 so far! 3/10 of the way there! I don't have a job, but I'm using Google Adsense (yes, those little ads on the side of this page), as well as Side Ticks. It's kinda interesting; it's a lot like Facebook, but it's got a number on the side that ticks (clever name, eh?) every time you visit a new page. Right now, mine is at 1,516 ticks. These 'tickbucks' are exchangeable for cash. Super easy way to make some extra cash each month =)

So... things are going well =)

So.... how are things going for you all? =)

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  1. Wow! Russian is a pretty tough language, especially since they have a different set of alphabets/characters. How was the pie you made last time? :-D