Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Financial Planning!

I started doing my homework for my online financial planning class today. I learned what a mutual fund is, and also that I need a job. The money I earn online with Adsense, MyLot, and Swagbucks is enough to supplement my income, but in order to get out of debt and pay for school, I'm gonna need an additional source. So... a job. Gonna start applying to places tomorrow.

In other news, I am so on the Mediterranean diet. It's nice. Lots of delicious foods like Greek-style yogurt, feta cheese, salads, and veggies. The only carbs I am eating are one serving of whole-grain ravioli at dinner. I am already feeling more energetic (went on two long walks today!), and theoretically, my skin and figure will improve too. We'll see how that goes. The only thing is... it is expensive. Healthy yogurt costs about twice as much as the fatty, sugary, sweet kind. Fresh vegetables cost about three times as much as canned. I'm hoping that if I cut out fast food completely, and decrease the actual volume of food I consume by about 1/2, I can afford the fresh, healthy food that tastes better and is better for me.

In other news: Russian. They didn't have any How to Learn Gaelic books at the library today, so gonna try Russian instead, and maybe brush up on my French. =)


  1. Hi! Good luck on your job hunting. I wrote a post about what I have learned about job hunting some months ago. I just wanna share it with you and hopefully you can get some helpful ideas from it. :-) Here it is: