Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's Going On in My Life

Peas and Carrots. These are the foods my daughter eats. It's disgusting, impossible to wash out of her clothes, and smells just weird. Luckily, however, I discovered that the extending sink-hose thing in my laundry room has a powerwashing attachment.

A weird obsession with Sylvia Likens. She was a girl who, in 1958, was sent with her sister to live with a crazy mother named Gertrude, who severely abused, mutilated, and eventually killed Sylvia. To top things off, her children were encouraged to participate, and they invited their friends over to hang out in the basement and torture Sylvia. There is a book by Jack Ketchum on the subject (I have not read it) called A Girl Next Door, and a movie by the same title. The movie was sick, contrived, and disgusting. Another movie, which also came out in 2007, is called 'An American Crime'. It stars Ellen Page, and is much more believable and offers more insight into the psychological aspects of the children involved. It will make you sick, but it will make you think.

Soap and Glory Cosmetics. I love the puns. I love the vintage product design and black-and-white photos. And I love that they work.

An obsession with writing. I type (with one hand) whenever I have time. I enter as many creative writing contests as I can-- as long as they have no entry fee or are very cheap! =) I hope that someday, I'll be a New York Times bestseller. Then I will be as rich as J K Rowling. Then I'll be able to afford a third hand. Sound like a good plan?

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