Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Things I've Been Thinking About


Remember Sally Fields back when she was young? No? Well, she was once. And she was a great actress then, too. Sybil is a really compelling movie-- not just as a delve into abnormal psychology, but as a love stroy. Really. It made me cry. There is something just sooo romantic about a man with a painted-on clown face kissing a woman with dissociative personality disorder on a subway at night in New York. For real, that Richard guy was gold.

Online Education

Currently, I attend school on-campus, for the most part, but I have one class that is blended: One week we go to class, the next week all our assignments are all online. I save so much time and gas by only going to class every other week! This has really gotten me interested in online education, so now I'm wondering about it. Maybe I should take more online classes next semester? I think if the classes are 'blended', it could really work out well for me. Definately gonna look into this. =)

The J Peterman

I live for this cataolgue. I love it. Whenever it comes out, I circle everything I want... Basically, the whole damn thing. =) It's just so classy. Nothing even compares.

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